5 Comedians from Bandung

By: Jalaksana Winangoen

[UNIKNYA.COM]: Joking may be the basic instinct of Pasundan people. Take a look at the figure of Kabayan who is quietly unadorned but humorist. Well, talking about humorist, we have a number of top comedians from our homeland in which some of them are from Bandung. Indeed, Bandung people are popular with their sense of humor. Here are 5 young comedians from BandungCity.

1. Sule

Sule (Sumber: kapanlagi.com)

Entis Sutisna or well-known as Sule (born in Bandung, West Java, 15th of November 1976) is a comedian starting his career from a comedy group named SOS, a resulting group member of a comedy audition in a television program. Sule has been getting more popular by the show of Opera Van Java from the channel Trans7. His career has skyrocketed by the show Awas Ada Sule in Global TV starred by an ex-national volley player, Hikmal Abrar. In addition to comedian, this alumnus of a university STSI Bandung is well-known as a singer and a player for some Sunda musical instruments.

2. Joe “Padhyangan Project”

Sule (Sumber: kapanlagi.com)

His real name is Juhana Sutisna (born in Bandung, 6th of May 1967). He is an actor, comedian, and television presenter. He every played in a film titled Wakil Rakyat (People Representatives) in 2009. He has been widely known by a comedian group named Project P. He is also well-known as a presenter of television shows.

3. Iszur Muchtar

Sule (Sumber: kapanlagi.com)

Iszur Muchtar (born in Bandung, 22nd of March 1966) is a comedian, an actor, and a songwriter. He was initially widely known by P Project whose the recording album was  released by Musica Studio in 1993 with hits songs “Nasib anak Kost“, “Antrilah di Loket”, and “Kop dan Headen”. Then, he got more popular with his talent in presenting television shows. Iszur Muchtar and his group Padhyangan Project or P Project also performed in some television shows such as “Project P” in SCTV 1993, “Project Show” in SCTV, “Keluarga Cilaki” in SCTV and “New Project P” in B Channel/TVN. In acting world, Iszur Muchtar played in many cinemas, from comedy cinemas “Lobi-Lobi” in RCTI, “Copet Cepot Kepepet” in Multivision, to drama cinemas like “Hamba hamba Allah” in Sinemart-RCTI and acing as Mr. Usman for the cinema “Yasmin” in Sinemart-RCTI. Lastly, Iszur Muchtar starred at “Putri Yang Ditukar” in Sinemart-RCTI (2010). In addition, Iszur Muchtar played roles in many FTV or Film TV such as “Mama untuk Lola” (ANTV-Rapi Film), “Sekolah Lagi Nih Ye“, “Cinta Hokkie” in Multivision, etc.

He played in a big movie “Kejar Jakarta” in 2005 with his colleagues of P Project and costarred Wulan Guritno. Besides, he also appeared in a semi-animated film “Rizky Anak Ajaib” in 2008 and this year (2010) he played in a film whose script is adapted from a novel and directed by the author of the book Habbiburrahman el Shirazy entitled “Di dalam Mihrab Cinta” and starred by Dude Herlino and Asmirandah.

4. Sogi Indra Dhuaja

Sogi Indra (Sumber: kapanlagi.com)

Sogi Indra Dhuaja (born in Bandung, West Java, 7th of September 1978) is a well-known comedian from the show Extravaganza in TransTV. Before taking a part in Extravaganza, it was Sogi’s voice that had been well-recognized. Informed, he had been a broadcaster of Radio OZ for 7 years. Moving from the radio, Sogi tried to look for office work experience. In some occasions, he was a program assistant in MTV. Once he felt bored with his work, he was called by Ronal (another member of Extravaganza) and he was invited to follow an audition. Acting is not a new thing for him, since he ever joined in a cabaret when he was a high school student in State School 5 (SMAN 5).

Outside the routinely shooting activity or outside entertainment world, this young man with typical birthmark on his nose is active in social activities, including the campaign of Worldwide Anti-Poverty Day held in United Nations’ Information Centre (UNIC). This man who was dropped out from Majority Development Economics of Padjadjaran University with some Extravaganze members, i.e. Tike Priatnakusumah, Virnie Ismail, and Ronal Surapradja hilariously helped performance of Art and Culture Performance of the Disabilities held in Jakarta at 26th of May 2007.

5. Fitri Tropica

(Sumber: kapanlagi.com)

Fitri Tropica (born in Bandung, 26th of September 1987; 23 tahun years-old of age) is an actress, model, broadcaster, and television presenter. She started her career as a model and broadcaster, then comedian in situational comedy shows, Extravaganza ABG and Prime Time.

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