5 Indonesian Celebrities Who Died Young

By Jalaksana Winangoen

[UNIKNYA.COM]: These five Indonesian young multitalented celebrities had ever brilliant careers in their life. Unfortunately, as they hit top popularity as public figures, their fans regretted their tragic death. Here old.uniknya.com summarizes the stories about 5 Indonesian celebrities who died young:

1. Nike Ardila (19)

Nike Ardila (Sumber: blogspot.com)

Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla Kusnadi or Nike Ardilla was the most successful Indonesian singer, model, commercial and artist in her time. She died at March, 19th 1995 after she drove her car Honda Civic and hit the steel on the RE Martadinata road, Bandung. She passed away when she was so popular. At that time, there had never been the most successful ones in all entertainment areas, except Nike Ardilla. After her death, the same albums – without any new songs – were continuously produced. Within the Indonesian entertainment history, no artist is awarded as the most honorable as Nike Ardilla. Her birth and death dates are still commemorated. Her influence is significant not only in Indonesia, but also in Asia. Her name may be as good as Bruce Lee.

2. Alda (24)

Alda (Sumber: blogspot.com,old.uniknya.com)

Alda Risma Elfariani got her name popular by the song “Aku Tak Biasa”. This 160-cm-high girl ever collaborated with the boys band “Code Red”. At December 12th 2006, she was found dead in a hotel room. Her body had many injections. It was suspected that Alda died because of over dosage. However, according to further investigation, she was murdered by Ferry Surya Prakasa (brother-in-law of an actor Ferry Salim).

3. Ryan Hidayat, (26)

Ryan Hidayat (Sumber: blogspot.com,old.uniknya.com)

He was born in Praha, Ceko and died in Jakarta. Since 4 years old, he had been a commercial for various products. When he was child, he was asked by the director Hasmanan (1930-1989) to perform in the film Anna Maria (1979). His debut made him the best nominated actor in FFI of 1980. However, Ryan only achieved the title of the best child actor. He kept playing as a child actor until the film Satria Bergitar (1983). Thereafter, he disappeared. Then in 1987, he was chosen to be an adolescent idol for a film adopted from a popular novel written by Hilman Hariwijaya, LUPUS. He stared three of four serials of LUPUS. The writer Hilman stared as Lupus in the third serial Topi-topi Centil. After Sesudah Langit Kembali Biru (1991), the “Lupus” went to Australia to study about film, from 1992 to 1995.

Coming back from the Kangaroo country, Ryan played for television serials: Bella Vista I, Mawar Mekar di antara Duri and Mentari di Balik Awan. In 1996 and 1997, he played in three serials Tirai Kasih Yang Terkoyak, Berjalan Di Atas Awan and Anak Menteng. Seriousness in working, particularly as a director assistant for the later title, caused him suffer typhus. Complicated with dengue fever, he died in Ied night (February 8th 1997). The 10th Bandung Film Forum, at April, 1st 1997, awarded the deceased “…for the achievement, dedication and extraordinary seriousness from Ryan during his lifetime as a movie and serial actor.”

4. Valia Rahma, (26)

Valia Rahma (Sumber: blogspot.com)

Valia Rahma was an Indonesian actress and presenter. Valia was well-known from playing serials. She began her career as a model. She then played in a horror film Hantu Jeruk Purut in 2006. In addition, Valia Rahma was a presenter of a teenager show Planet Remaja.

Valia died at 13th January 2012 after suffering coma for nine days due to a traffic accident in Bali. Valia had bad injury in her head and had surgery in a hospital Kasih Ibu, Denpasar, Bali. She died at 17.00 Central Indonesian Time. The body was buried in the Public Burial Place, Tanah Kusir, Southern Jakarta at 14th of January 2012.

5. Adji Massaid, (43)

Adji Massaid (Sumber: blogspot.com,old.uniknya.com)

Raden Pandji Chandra Pratomo Samiadji Massaid, well-known as Adjie Massaid was an actor and model from decent of Java-Madura-Holland. He was a member of Indonesian House of Representatives for a period of 2004-2009 and 2009-2014 from Demokrat Party. He died on Saturday, February 5th 2011, at 00.00 o’clock. He took his last breath in 43 years old of age in the hospital Fatmawati due to heart attack. The corpse was buried in the public burial place Jeruk Purut, Southern Jakarta. Before passing away, Adjie Massaid once played football with Rico Ceper in the soccer field Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.(**)

References: from many sources, old.uniknya.com, February 2012

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