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[UNIKNYA.COM]:  Preanger Planters is the nickname for the Dutch planters (owner of Priangan plants kina, coffee, and tea) Priangan, West Java. In 1884 or in the Dutch colonization in Indonesia,  Priangan Planters start to succeded in farm and plantation around Bandung. Many preanger planters come over and stay in Bandung during the vacation while controlling their farm and plants. Many building, infrastructure and entertainment facility built in Bandung to provide their vacation, such Theater, grocery store and government office.

To commemorate the greatness of the plantation world at that time, noted at least five Europeans in Priangan fairly predecessor generation. Their names are recorded in the history of plantations in Indonesia, most importan in Bandung City. Here are 5 generations of predecessors “Preanger Planters” in Bandung:


1. Pieter Engelhard

Pieter Engel was the first European who has open the plantation in Priangan (Bandung), West Java, Indonesia. His coffee plantation are located in northern Bandung, near to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Enggelhard start to cultivate coffee in 1789 by deploying hundreds of indigenous people. Results from Engelhard plantation, managed to produce good quality coffee seedlings were later known with less “Javakoffie”. Javakoffie quickly gained market in Europe to reap the good benefits in 1807. Since then, the natives Priangan lot of work shift, from rice to coffee plantation business.

Pieter Engelhard

Poster Bandoeng Vooruit (sumber : rgalung.wordpress)

2. Dr. Andries de Wilde

Andries was actually a surgeon who served in the Dutch army, and also assistant principal of the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Herman Willem Dendels. Later during the British rule in the Dutch East Indies, he was placed as Assistant to the Resident at Bandong on August 10th, 1812. Andries has a plantation land covers an area of ​​one half of the Bandung regency with the planting of coffee and beef cattle. First coffee storage is located in an area in the center of Bandung, which is now occupied by the Office of the Mayor of Bandung.

Andries de Wilde, preanger planters

Dr. Andries de Wilde (sumber : uniknya)

3. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn

This is the most popular Preanger Planters among the other, Franz Wilhelmn Junghuhn born in October 26, 1809, in Mansfeld, Germany. He was the Deutsche naturalist, doctor, botanist, geologist and also author, his was leaving Europe (Hellevoetsluis) in the early Summer of 1835, arriving in Jakarta (then called “Batavia”) on October 13, 1835. While he settled in Java, he made an extensive study about the land, the plants, and the people of Java. Then he discovered the Kawah Putih crater lake south of Bandung in 1837.  Then he published all the expeditions and adventures with the scientific perspective and analyses.

Junghuhn was the man who found trees of quinine (kina) in Bandung. Then he works an agriculture on the slopes of the Bukit Tungul, near Bandung and for that reason his significance to the preparation of anti malaria medicines. As we all know in the World War II, more than 90% supply of quinine came from Bandung’s plantations and factory. Junghuhn remained on Java until his death from liver disease in 1864. He died and buried on the slopes of the volcano Tangkuban Perahu, north of Bandung. A moment before his death, he ask the doctor to open the windows so he can say goodbye to the mountain that he always love. People who love him, made small monument to his memory in a grassy, and his quinine factory well preserved in Jl. Padjadjaran, Bandung.

preanger planters

Franz Junghuhn (Sumber: id-id)

 4. Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha

He was more than a landlord; he was the great botanist, astronomist and philanthropist. Not only respected by foreign but he also respected by the local people in West Java. in 1896 he undertook the management of Malabar Estate near Pangalengan (Bandung) until his death in 1928. Till this day the Malabar Estate plantation is still operating under state own company (PT Perkebunan Nusantara) management.

As the philanthropist, Boscha also built an elementary school in 1901; it named Vervoloog Malabar (now SDN Malabar II) for his workers children. But the most of his nobility participated was in the development of the Bosscha Observatory (Bosscha Sterrenwacht) at Lembang near Bandung in 1923. He also helped the development of Institut Teknologi Bandung or Technische Hoogeschool te Bandung.

preanger planters,  observatorium,, observatory, malabar, tea

Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha (sumber : Uniknya)

5. Rudlof Albertus Kerkhoven

Rudolf Albertus Kerkhoven own the tea plantation which sprawling from Arjasari to Gambung area in Ciwidey, regency of Bandung. He was one of the successful businessmen in the tea plantations of West Java, he also known as the philanthropic. With his cousin Boscha, he established the star observation (Kerkhoven Strenwacht), the first modern observatory in Indonesia. (**)

preanger planters,  observatorium,, observatory, plantations

Rudlof Albertus Kerkhoven (Sumber : Uniknya)

Source: Wajah Bandung Tempo Doeloe, Haryoto Kunto, May 2013

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