5 Indonesian Celebrities who Died Young

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[UNIKNYA.COM]: Noone can predict his or her death, and it’s not about the age. Not only the old people who own it, but also young ones can die in any possibility. In this case the celebrities, a rising star which is being people’s idol and tragically died. Uniknya.com list up the 5 Indonesian celebrities who died young and we add up the story when the death came to them.


1. Nike Ardila, (19 years old)

Nike Ardila (Sumber: blogspot.com)

Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla Kusnadi or famously known as  Nike Ardilla is a  singer and actress from Bandung who has become an idol for many years even when she’s already died. She died on 19th March 1995 when the car she drove crashed the concrete of the pavement on RE Martadinata, Bandung. Ironically, she died during her popularity. She is a singer, actress, commercial talent and also an artist. She might be dead, but surprisingly she is quite productive even when she is already dead. People have been bought her albums, even the newest one which has a different cover but same songs.

In a history of entertainment, Nike Ardila is the only artist who always have the honorable event, which in every her birthdate, people will celebrate her birthday. We can say it that Nike Ardila has a great influence in entertainment business, even in Asia.

Halaman selanjutnya » 1 2 3 4 5

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